Tuesday, February 9, 2010

good bye

why do they say good bye, there's nothing good about good bye. I went into Palative Care today to say good bye to my best friend. She has fought cancer for 7 years, but the fights gone out of her now and she's ready to go. I'm happy for her, but oh I hurt so much for those of us left behind. Her husband, daughters, brothers and sisters, she is extremely close to her family. Everyone who came in contact with her went away feeling better, richer, happier, she had the ability to make you feel so important, so worthwhile. Oh, my heart hurts so much, anyone who says a heart can't break has never truly loved anyone. Cindy will always be in my heart and I will hopefully always remember advise she has given me, the encouraging words that came so freely from her. She is truly one of the great ladies who loved her family and her friends unconditionally.She often told me that she was friendly with alot of people but she chose her friends very carefully. I will be forever grateful that she chose me. Safe journey Cindy, you'll be with your mom soon and out of all this bone racking pain, rest easy. Love Char

Thursday, October 8, 2009

If you could see a picture of me right now you would see a very sad face and this is why......

I tried to take a picture of my cows too but the camera would get full of snow. This picture was taken from my kitchen window. ITS A BLIZZARD! The only thing that keeps me going is that it will be spring in 8 months. I sure hope my little mare doesn't decide to have her baby tonight.

Monday, September 7, 2009

child labor?

ya gotta ask yourself is it really child labor if the kids ask for it. Trevor, Hanna, Terina and Olivia came out today, so we put them to work. They said they wanted to. We put linseed oil and the trim on the barn, of course that was made way more fun cuz grampa carried them around and lifted them up to do their job in the bucket of the tractor, then we pulled down the electric fence and chased the cows, and led the horses into the new pasture. We had to chase the calves out of the neighbors field, then to end the day we went into Boston Pizza for supper.

Four kids to get one calf through the gate. Of course when the calf is Chubbs, pushing cattle takes on a very literal meaning. Someones gotta show me how to put all the pictures into an album and then put the album on here cuz there are more cute photos just takes too long to get them on here and its bedtime

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Additions

yes, we're growing again. This time it wasn't our fault. Rod decided that we needed a pony for the kids to ride, we saw this ad that said he had 5 ponies, so we figured we could find one that we liked. The guy sucker punched us. He told us that anyone we didn't take he was taking to Ft MacLeod. We didn't take the 8 year old stud. He was just too......studdy if ya know what I mean, but, the rest now abide with us. There is the momma, she's pregnant, then there are her kids, a 4year old gelding(the gelding is as of yesterday, we had the Vet come visit), a two year old filly and a one year old gelding(same fate as his brother). The one year old is pretty beat up cuz the guy was stupid and didn't separate the studs and he got the worst of it. None of the ponies are halter broke so we will have a fun summer training and playing with ponies.
Once again we have to have names, Dawn came up with a good one for the mamma, she has a scar that looks like angel wings so she's Angel, but we need names for everyone else. So, if ya have any good ideas let me know.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First, I have to thanks to Dawn again for the new blog look I love it.

I have the most beautiful horse, Annie, I rode her tonight and practiced what little I learned from the one lesson I've had. She responds so easily, just a little touch and she knows what you want. I just have to learn to give her the right cues and let her have her head. She is so smart. After I brushed her out and she is so shiny now. She has got alot healthier now that shes on grass. I just want to ride her all the time and get really good and really comfortable on her, so that the rides are enjoyable for her to.

I also think that I've decided to check into going back to school for something. I'm gonna go see a councillor and find out what my options are . It's such a scary thing, but I'm not happy where I'm at but it's not scary, I know I can do what has to be done. No challenge, I'm not sure I want a challenge, well maybe I do just not one that I will fail at. But I'm sure my brain will work if I really try hard.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm so torn tonight. It looks like the sale of the Double Anchor is going to go through. I was over there tonight for dads 81st birthday. I love the feel of the place. Before the big house was built, the little trailor attached to a little house, swimming in the river, plowing through snow up past the car doors, the brandings, the trampoline, the balcony when it was a balcony, all the meals, the laughs, the tears, sitting with mom in her bedroom, all the Rook games. I know we'll still have lots of good times, but tonight I'm just sad that come September it will be the end of a very special place where family and friends always knew they were welcome and safe.

I also found out tonight that the Family Reunion has been cancelled this year because of the two weddings and moving mom and dad. Craig has to have his heart surgery sometime this summer and Brian also has to have surgery on his foot. So there's just too much going on, so that makes me sad too. I was really looking forward to the Reunion.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just a matter of time

they all told me if you ride long enough its bound to happen and last night it did. We went Cattle sorting at Ft Mcleod. I hadn't gone for almost 2 months cuz Annie wasn't feeling well. When we went into the arena I knew something wasn't right. Annie was shying at everything and just being generally jumpy and not happy. So I just warmed her up really slow, no trotting or cantering just walking around the arena to see if I could settle her down. Well, we were first up and I guess I didn't settle her down enough. We had just crossed the line to start our run and she went to bucking. I stayed with her for the first couple of bucks, then decided it would be better to bale. So I managed to get off on my feet. And she continued for a few more bucked just to show her displeasure. Well, I calmed her down, got back on and the rest of the night went better, not alot better but at least she didn't buck again. Didn't behave very well either but at least we stayed together. The one thing this little display taught me is that I have to ride her a whole lot more. Maggie, she isn't. she has to be ridden. I also have to take riding lessons. So I'm gonna phone Corolla Friesen tomorrow and book some lessons.

On the home front. We did some yard work on Saturday and it felt really good. Rod worked up around the yard and the arena and worked up a place for my garden. I got the front of the yard ready to plant grass. I actually even got the grass down. Unfortunately the wind decided to come up then, so I think I'll have to put more grass seed down. Maybe tomorrow cuz its supposed to snow on thursday so it will provide some nice moisture for the seed. Hey, ya gotta look at the good side of everything.

Rod went over to Cardston to casturate some "late" calves for dad today. By late I mean late last year. So these "calves" are almost a year old. They put them in a squeeze, so ya know how much fun Rod had today. I had to work so I missed the fun time.