Tuesday, February 9, 2010

good bye

why do they say good bye, there's nothing good about good bye. I went into Palative Care today to say good bye to my best friend. She has fought cancer for 7 years, but the fights gone out of her now and she's ready to go. I'm happy for her, but oh I hurt so much for those of us left behind. Her husband, daughters, brothers and sisters, she is extremely close to her family. Everyone who came in contact with her went away feeling better, richer, happier, she had the ability to make you feel so important, so worthwhile. Oh, my heart hurts so much, anyone who says a heart can't break has never truly loved anyone. Cindy will always be in my heart and I will hopefully always remember advise she has given me, the encouraging words that came so freely from her. She is truly one of the great ladies who loved her family and her friends unconditionally.She often told me that she was friendly with alot of people but she chose her friends very carefully. I will be forever grateful that she chose me. Safe journey Cindy, you'll be with your mom soon and out of all this bone racking pain, rest easy. Love Char

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Krista said...

oh mama. My heart and thoughts are with you as you have to go through this pain.
It's never fair to be the one left behind.